Yes, You Can Lose Weight by Walking

Did you know you can lose weight by walking? It may be a simple activity, but walking is definitely one of the most effective ways you can burn fat. The trick here is to keep your heart rate up so you can have an effective walk. By doing this, you get to trigger a process known as beta oxidation.

What is Beta Oxidation?

Beta oxidation is what is known as your body's metabolism, break down, or burning of fatty acids for fuel. The fuel is what you use in times of moderate intensity and steady state cardio.

This process occurs only when a specific heart rate zone is met. In order to keep a steady state, the best way to do it is by walking. You can then maintain a heart rate within the zone.

How to Walk to Lose Weight

In order to lose weight, you need to keep your heart rate up. You need to have a goal of reaching around 70 percent of your maximum heart rate. This number is not too high and not too low, yet will be enough to burn fat for energy.

Once you know what your target heart rate is, you need to keep track of it when you work out. You can do this by investing in a heart rate monitor to help you out.

Do take note that the speed and intensity you need to reach the fat-burning zone will depend on each individual. You can achieve this by incorporating an incline in your walk. This way, you can walk slower yet still get a high heart rate. It minimizes the risk for injuries or soreness.

If you pair regular walking with a healthy diet, you'll be sure to reach your target weight in no time!

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