Kayla Itsines Shares Experience of Going Back to the Gym After Giving Birth

For many women, going back to the gym after giving birth can be a huge struggle. Fitness star Kayla Itsines however, experienced "many mixed emotions".

This is, of course, expected, since Itsines only gave birth to her baby girl, Arna, last April. Six weeks after her C-section, Itsines has obtained clearance from her doctors that she could start working out again.

Even though Itsines has always loved exercise, the thought of going back to her old fitness routine made her feel nervous. This was because the fitness star experienced lots of emotional and physical changes during her pregnancy.

When she did return exercising, Itsines struggled throughout her workout. The personal trainer attempted to accomplish 30 minutes of walking on her treadmill. Unfortunately, she only got to do around 15 minutes and felt that it physically hit her.

Despite not being able to reach her optimum fitness level, Itsines still felt "an overwhelming feeling of achievement". No matter how hard the session was, "it sparked a new determination and motivation" in the fitness start not to ponder on what she failed to do.

Instead, the experience taught her to celebrate what she was able to do in that first workout.

A number of women can definitely relate to what Itsines has gone through, especially with the struggles of being a new mom and going back to the gym. If you are a new mom and you wish to go back to the gym, here are a few motivational tips that Itsines shared on her article on Women's Health:

  • Set specific goals

  • Find a routine you like

  • Get a workout buddy

  • Know there will be setbacks

  • Find your playlist

Just like Itsines, the struggle may be hard to conquer the first time you go to the gym. But you can always change your mindset and celebrate the little victories you do along the way.

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