Here's Why You Gain Back The Weight You Lost So Quickly

Many women have experienced working out religiously but are not achieving the results they want. The worst part about this is that they abruptly stop working out and end up gaining back all the weight they lost in the first part. Did you know that there is a reason why this happens?

According to experts, the amount of time it takes to get to your weight goal depends on your weight loss methods and your body. As a general rule, it is possible to lose up to two pounds in one week with a healthy approach. After a month of working out, you may get to see a weight loss of up to 10 pounds. The next thing you have to face is to be able to sustain the momentum that you have already built.

In order to keep the weight loss at bay, you will need to maintain a routine with a restrictive diet and regular workout regimen. If you break your momentum, you could regain the weight you've lost much quicker than it took to lose it.

So why can you regain weight once you've lost it?

When you lose weight, your metabolism also slows down. According to Eduardo Grunvald, MD, FACP, our bodies were biologically designed to defend against weight loss and not weight gain. Once your metabolism has slowed and your hormones tell your brain to eat more, you could end up with a surplus of calories rather than a calorie deficit that you experience in weight loss.

In a nutshell, this makes it so much harder to fight what our body is naturally designed to do than fight off weight gain.

Is there a threat to gaining back lost weight?

Studies have shown that when lost weight is regained, it results in a higher fat mass percentage compared to what you originally started out with. It could be because the appetite and weight regulation centers in your brain become hyper-stimulated until your lean body mass or fat mass restores itself. Sadly, this happens when you've already regained a lot of weight back.

In order to stop gaining back the weight you've lost, you will need to stick to your workout and diet. If you give in to your cravings and enjoy all the food that you've avoided during your diet, it may result in a very rapid weight regain. You need to make sure that you continue with your routine even if you may have swayed from your exercise and diet for a little while.

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