Best Yoga Poses to Soothe Your Tired Muscles

Yoga has long been known as a great way to keep your mind and body healthy. But did you know that there are certain yoga poses that can help strengthen your body and soothe your tired muscles? The great thing about doing these poses is that you do not need to spend an hour working out. All you need is just 10 minutes and you'll be good to go.

Here are some of the best yoga poses that you can do anywhere so you can soothe your tired body:

Mountain Pose

A good thing about doing the Mountain Pose is that it is so easy to do. You can do it just about anytime and anywhere. Despite its simplicity, it can already help lengthen your spine and improve your posture.

Standing Forward Fold with Clasped Elbows

If you wish to decompress your spine and get some relaxation done, the Standing Forward Fold pose is always a great yoga pose to do. You can even do it all day long since it's a great way to relieve tension in your body.

Wide-Legged Forward Bend

You can also do the Wide-Legged Forward Bend to help lengthen and tone the back of your legs. This pose is a stretching pose that takes care of this common problem area and can even be powerful enough to replace your daily caffeine intake.

Downward-Facing Dog

The Downward-Facing Dog is always a crowd favorite. It is so easy to do yet delivers the best results. It not only helps relieve tension between your shoulder blades, but it also acts as an inversion since it helps clear and energize your mind and body.

Upward-Facing Dog

The Upward-Facing Dog is a simple yet classic pose that helps the lower back and spine. It is a great pose to do upon waking up since it helps open up your whole body after a long slumber.

Cobra Pose

Another yoga pose that you can easily do is the Cobra Pose. This is a great pose to do every day since it helps open up the chest and improve your spine's health.

Cat-Cow Pose

The best way to make sure your spine stays healthy is to do some backbends and spinal movements that can help with this portion of your body. By doing this yoga pose, you can soothe your tired body after spending the day hunched over your computer.

Lying Spinal Twist

The best thing about the Lying Spinal Twist pose is that you can do it in bed. It is a gentle pose that can help provide great benefits to your spine's flexibility and in lengthening your hip rotators.

What are your favorite yoga poses? Are they on this list?

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